20 Best Ways to Market Your Business Online for Free

There are 4.57 billion internet users in the world today and these numbers are growing daily. People started exploring brands and products online and if the business doesn’t create an impression on the customer, it is eliminated from their mind. On the other hand, there is a decline in the traditional business system due to the emerging technologies and vast digital landscape.

There are 4.57 billion internet users in the world today and these numbers are growing daily. People started exploring brands and products online and if the business doesn’t create an impression on the customer, it is eliminated from their mind. On the other hand, there is a decline in the traditional business system due to the emerging technologies and vast digital landscape. So, businesses have to adapt themselves to the moving trends or else they would be out of the market. Many of the business experts have put forth that if any business wants to see the fruit of success, they have to follow the hybrid model due to the enhanced digitalization across the globe. The hybrid model is an interconnection of both online and offline business systems. And moving to market your business online is not expensive. Here we are to help you with 20 best ways to market your business online for free. 

With a vast number of businesses swarming into the digital market, it feels like we have lost our battle for those who are at the initial stage of their business. Indeed! Organic results take time to shower success but pour them in the long run. By completely reading these 20 best ways to market your business online for free, you’ll get an idea and confidence to push yourself up into the battle where great knights are fighting.

1. Build a Blog With Quality Content

Whenever you are about to start a business or market your business idea online, the first thing you have to do is build a blog. Not just stopping with blog building but writing quality contents that can answer customers’ questions and be shared by the readers in their circle . There are millions of blog posts getting published everyday. If you are not giving quality contents, then  your content will get lost on the flooded web. It may cause an increasing bounce rate for your website which Google hates. So write contents that can satisfy both your customers as well as the search engines. 

Few rumours are roaming around stating that blogs are dying due to the shining balls like  Snapchat and Instagram and other content platforms. The reality is, even fortune 500 companies are working hard in writing blogs thereby providing rich contents on their pages. Remember businesses like Groupon, Kissmetrics, Copyblogger, 99designs and Hufspot are standing high due to blogging and quality contents associated with them. 

2. Connect with Similar LinkedIn Groups

It is one of the efficient ways of connecting with people of similar kinds who are industry experts themselves. Connecting with those group members will help you add value at some point of the business lifecycle. Then you have LinkedIn marketing where this platform helps you market your business and see some growth. 

Share valuable contents with the LinkedIn groups, which you are a part of to create a good name for your business and try to stay away from the spotlight of oversharing. Connecting with LinkedIn groups of similar ideology will help you find problems existing there. And you can come up with a solution and share those ideas, which will help you grow with a reputation for your business among the expert industrialists. 

3. Effective Usage of Quora and Medium

If you are a newbie to the business or the digital world, then you must market your contents in the platforms like Medium and Quora with keyword-centric and value-added insights. Interlink the Quora article with the blog which helps you go up in Google SERPs reaching a good amount of audience. 

4. Cloute Instagram Influencers’ power

With the help of Instagram Influencers, you can easily drive a lump amount of people towards your page or website at a moment’s notice without any keyword optimization or intensive content. Few Instagram Influencers do it for free if your content or brand gives a really good value for the customers or in exchange for service for them. 

5. Convey Messages Through Videos

YouTube is one of the greatest platforms to market your business with video content for free. More than writing contents for thousands of words, videos can easily convey the message in 5 minutes or less with attractive visuals. With great editing, flawless content, your message will get maximum reach and impressions among the viewers. 

6. Collaborate with Popular Bloggers

Reaching out to some of the popular bloggers of your niche and working with them will help your business get marketed online for free. Remember that a popular blogger whom you are connecting should write contents that are in-line with your business. They will help you lift your business and add reputation to it. 

7. Utilize AMP and FBIA

You can use effective rich tools like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) to get a grip over the contents. You can use specialized tools or WordPress plugins as Google reviews all these into the main components that are essential for good content and to rank themselves in SERPs. 

8. Employ Listing Sites like Google My Business

If you’re running a local business and searching to attract customers and bring them to your local store, you can use listing sites based on geographical locations like Google Local or Yahoo Local. It is an effective tool to gain geographical customers which provides complete information about your business like contact info, location, working timings, reviews and Q&A

9. SEO Optimization of the Website

Optimize your website in such a way it is filled with relevant keywords, backlinks and good content which is an important aspect to grow your business online. If your website is new or less than two years old, then it might take some time to rank itself in the Google SERP. Optimization of both On-page and off-page SEO. Also pay attention to site speed, mobile-friendly nature and link juices to grow your business online. 

10. Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are sometimes underrated by marketers but the reality is most of the ideas come out of these groups where like-minded people discuss their problems and solutions. Group can contain 1,000 to 1,00,000 members of like-minded people and you can get valuable ideas and act as a gold-mine for small businesses. 

11. Participate in Forums

Remember, Facebook groups are not the only way in which you can get ideas. There are other platforms like Reddit and Tumblr where group discussions are held. Getting involved in these platforms helps your brand attract some reputation among unknowns. 

12. Build an Email List

Email lists are always looked upon by entrepreneurs, local business, startups and other newbies to this digital world. It is said that 54% of the marketers feel email marketing to be the effective and easiest way to grow your business online and act as a master in lead generation. E-mails are more likely to be read than blogs or any other source of content.  

13. Write Guest Posts on Industry Blogs

You should not stop only with writing blogs on your page. You should also write blogs on other influencers’ pages or industry pages to get enough backlinks to your website to increase the weight of yours. It helps your SERPs in Google or search engines as it is one of the prime components looked by search algorithms. 

14. Register on Freelancing Platforms

Some of the freelancing platforms like Fiverr are underrated by the marketers. But they are mandatory for small businesses to grow online. More than you sitting and compiling all the works of your business, global freelancers and interns who work for experience will help your business in a great way. 

15. Stay Active on Social Media

Most of the social media users at least use them once daily. Don’t even miss that one single opportunity where you can create an impression on your customer. If you stay active and give instant responses to the queries they have, your business is going to hit the clouds. This is where digitalization and customer care come together into play. Staying online also builds trust among your customers. 

16. Automate Your Business

The future of all the business completely depends on automation. Despite appointing humans for every task, it is better to appoint a machine that can perform every duty single-handedly with good and instant results. There are many automation tools that you can make your business ease for free.

17. Send Personalized Gifts to Influencers  

Many influencers who are working for the growth of small businesses and startups are not looking for money to promote their product. Instead, personalized products can attract them. It is said that 71% of the products used by youths today are somehow influenced by social media influencers as 90% of the social media users trust them and this opportunity can create buzz for your brand and products. 

18. Design Referral Program/Gamification

Referral programs are one of the upcoming tools to grow your business online which brings a network of people as a cluster who add further value to your business. On the other hand, gamification is also on the trendline. Gamification engages customers with the website and increases the dwell time spent. These are some of the techniques to increase customer engagement which is also an important factor to grow your business online. 

19. Kick-off an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the mandatory and much-recommended skills in the market for coming years. It is emerging in every business where people are introduced to the brand with the help of a third-party seller who gets the commission for every engagement/lead. It is reported that affiliate merchants had a 38% increase in new customers. 

20. Keep your business Updated on Maps

Few use mapping to find business. This especially plays a major role when you are travelling where people search with the help of the mapping program. Google Business program helps you in such a solution. Keep your business updated with location and contact info. 


While many businesses are spending crores on these platforms and digital marketing, free methods are still unbelievably efficacious. Small businesses can take advantage of all these tools and create effective campaigning and reap results. They may also end up fighting battles with global competitors by using such free tools effectively. All you need is to create quality content and ethical brand that helps people someway. 

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